Home Automation // Current State of My Smart Home
Here's what I'm running at home today!
Home Automation // Considerations before automating a home
What should you consider while designing a home automation system? This topic covers things like what you can automate, and designing for usability and natural interaction with daily life.
Blog // Onto New Blogging Pastures
So I've made the decision to switch from Wordpress to GitHub Pages. Between being free and allowing me to have everything in GitHub where I can easily version posts and pull stuff out, I think I'll enjoy this quite a bit! Lastly, as I start to post more posts that require code blocks, GitHub and these themes just handle that nicely!
DMVPN // Building a Scalable Multi-Tenant Phase-3 DMVPN Headend
For whatever reason, I end up supporting technology for a lot of events, some simultaneously. A lot of times, when you’re using Telepresence endpoints for events, remote hands-on labs, etc. you want to be able to have separation between events so that one group doesn’t break another group’s stuff. At the same time, I don’t want to have to be deploying 30 different routers in my DMZ for 30 different events; it’s just an administrative nightmare. Instead, what we opted for, was to use multi-tenanted DMVPN headend for site-to-site connectivity.
Gist // Create Client Certificates with NGINX for use with Home Assistant
Another Gist that someone asked me to do. Here we use Nginx with self-signed client certificates to frontend Home Assistant (or really anything else)
Gist // Install Kubernetes with Flannel Network Plugin on CentOS 7
Thought I would create a Gist and document installing Flannel with Kubernetes on CentOS
Gist // Running NGINX and CertBot Containers on the Same Host
A lot of people run into the problem of running Let's Encrypt's CertBot Tool and an NGINX on the same container host. A big part of this has to do with CertBot needing either port 80 or 443 open for the tool to work as intended. This tends to conflict with NGINX as most people usually use port 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) for their reverse proxy. Section 1 outlines how to configure NGINX to get this to work, and Section 2 is the Docker command to run CertBot.
MQTT // An Intro to MQTT for IoT
Lately, I've been into building custom sensors and I've been talking to Farraday Robotech and he mentioned that it would be pretty helpful if I could do an introductory post about MQTT and its use in IoT applications.
If you aren't familiar with VXLAN, check out my initial post on VXLAN to get an idea of what it is. We're going to expand on that topic in terms of how it works. Before we talk about VXLAN with MP-BGP EVPN, it's important to understand how traditional VXLAN works, and what some of the shortcomings are.
VXLAN // An Introduction
For my first blog post, I thought I should start something that's near and dear to my heart - and a something that a lot of people seem to be confused about - VXLAN, or Virtual eXtensible LAN.